Founding Members

Joshua Brolly and Rachel Fleming are the two founding members of AA8 Studios. During their time together at Sheridan College they connected over a fondness for similar design principles, aesthetic qualities, and an appreciation for specific materials. Realizing their time at Sheridan was coming to an end, and having a desire to maintain a creative and collaborative working environment, J & Ray established AA8 Studios. 


Joshua Brolly

Joshua Brolly is a Canadian Designer and Maker. He studied Furniture - Craft and Design at Sheridan College, and graduated in 2016. During his time at Sheridan, Joshua found creative and rewarding situations with collaborative work. In order to continue the dynamic of collaborative projects with people he enjoyed working with, Joshua co-founded AA8 Studios.

Rachel Fleming

Rachel Fleming is an emerging furniture designer and maker, exploring ideas through objects, furniture, and spaces she employs geometric forms and natural materials in her current work. Through technical training at Sheridan College, she developed an understanding and admiration for wood as a building material. Sharing the ideals of simple, beautiful, and functional objects are what unites the artists who make up the collection in and around the Greater Toronto Area.